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How to Use Videos to Promote Your Fashion Brands Online?

Videos are a rage in almost every industry, and when it comes to Fashion and Beauty – the audience has an insatiable appetite for new trends, niche styles, latest offers, and emerging brands. So, if you want to promote your fashion brand through videos, you are at the right place.

Creating fashion-related videos for websites alone is a little off-trend because the audience is flocking to social media channels and YouTube to watch videos. You can influence the right kind of audience by posting your brand-related videos, and educating the viewers about trending fashion on your official channel on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc. There are abundant fashion brands and businesses on digital platforms, so you need to stand out and gain an edge over your competitors by following some effective strategies.

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Why Promote Fashion Brands Using Videos?

Videos improve website rankings, increase conversions, and enhance consumer engagement. Even if the start is slow, the audience will slowly appreciate your passion and zeal and will excitedly wait for your to regularly post videos to showcase your products.

Video can increase 41% more web traffic and websites that use videos effectively have a 53x better chance of ranking on the first page of Google. Video users have 34% higher Web Conversion Rates, and 86% of marketers use video as a marketing tool.

So, to grab viewers’ attention, you must create interesting and entertaining fashion-related videos and post them online to quickly convert your leads into potential customers.

How You Can Educate, Inform and Entertain Your Audience Through Videos

The fashion industry represents a large part of all e-commerce, with approximately 55% of consumers preferring to shop online rather than in-store.

58% of buyers consider businesses that use video content to be more trustworthy, which is why it becomes imperative for fashion brands to highlight their presence on digital channels.

  • To start with, you must have an interesting storyline – like your fashion video could be educational, promotional, or based on pure entertainment.
  • Write a good script for narrative or text-based videos focusing on effective words that capture the viewer’s point of view.
  • Get all your prerequisites ready before you start shooting, and since it is about fashion, so your graphics, color toning, lighting, clarity, and video editing should not be less than perfect.
  • To create a fascinating fashion video, use a professional video editing tool to add filters, create transitions, add sound, and edit the text before you share it on various social media platforms.

In the realm of fashion video marketing, the quality of your content is paramount. This is where professional video editing tools like Videoleap come into play. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, Videoleap enables you to fine-tune your videos to perfection, ensuring that every frame showcases your fashion products in the best light. Whether it’s adding stylish filters, seamless transitions, or crisp soundtracks, a sophisticated video editor can elevate your fashion videos from ordinary to extraordinary. Remember, in a highly visual industry like fashion, your videos are not just a form of communication; they are a reflection of your brand’s aesthetic and quality. So, investing in a tool like Videoleap is not just a choice, it’s a necessity for creating impactful, engaging content that resonates with your audience and sets your brand apart.

How Videos Can Help Fashion Brands Get More Customers Online

Do you know that 52% of customers say and agree that looking at a product through video promotions can have an impact on their decision to buy it online? So, if you’re a fashion brand looking for the best way to share your products and services with a plethora of audiences online, creating videos and posting them on official social media channels is a highly recommended option.

Let us see how videos can help you grow your viewers, leads, customers, and sales:

  • People prefer watching social media videos to watching TV ads.
  • If you check some latest facts, 6 out of 10 people prefer watching videos on YouTube and social media handles and have no interest in television. 
  • So, if you are still stuck on traditional modes of advertising like releasing TV or newspaper ads, try creating a video for YouTube and see the numbers churning. Businesses go where their customers are.

Videos Attract More Customers

Visuals, especially on fashion and beauty, attract more leads. You can check out some famous brands online and how they entice viewers through visuals and brilliant marketing strategies to promote their brand’s products and services relevant to customers to increase conversion rates. Online video marketing is a key selling point to attract customers.

Viewers who watch videos are ready to buy products

An overwhelming 73% of viewers who enjoy watching fashion videos will prefer buying what they see online. Brands also offer discount codes for new shoppers to spark customer interest.

Fashion Videos Involve the Leads Better

It’s easier to interact with your viewers with a video rather than using text. It is an opportunity to present your fashion brand more attractively and to build better trust by showing customers what you can offer through an engaging, well-crafted video.

Promote Instructional and Problem-Solving Videos

Viewers love to learn new things on digital platforms. When it comes to fashion and beauty, not many are pros in the area and thrive on seeking advice and professional guidance by watching videos. Make the most of it, and create educational videos that help resolve problems. You can make a video on fashion tips and the latest trends, or apply simple fashion hacks in day-to-day life. If customers find the content interesting, they will remember it and most likely make a purchase.

Videos Offer a Less Chance to Return a Product

You need to be honest and transparent in your promotional videos, giving the viewers details about color, fit, size, price, fabric, texture, design, and style using an expert video editor. If they are interested in the product, they will purchase it, and since everything was already incorporated in your promotional video, there are fewer chances of a return.

Impress Mobile Users Who Watch Videos

Almost everyone carries a smartphone and uses it extensively throughout the day. Videos that are captivating, entertaining, and problem-solving will catch the attention of the viewer, who maybe is randomly checking the latest trends in fashion. If your video manages to impress the viewer, you have created a subscriber who can eventually convert into a customer if you continue posting valid and reliable fashion content through videos.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Using videos on your digital marketing channels and website can enhance your SERP rankings on search engines like Google. Make sure you incorporate your videos on all your social media and digital handles, or curate a blog around it and post it on your website. You must ensure that any text or details attached to the video are SEO enriched to prompt a higher ranking.

Promote Brand Reputation and Create Trust

Transparency in videos empowers your brand, as you are open about your products and service to the public. This creates a trust factor and builds a relationship between your brand and the lead. Eventually, it boils down to enhanced brand credibility and goodwill, especially when customers receive exactly the products they see in the videos. Promotional fashion videos reinforce the bond you share with your audience online.

Enhance ROI

If all the above holds and your video content manages to impress your target audience, it simply means higher conversions, more sales, and an enhanced ROI. This is also the ultimate objective of businesses when they start making promotional videos around their brands. Video-making strategies can create brand awareness and impress customers enough to say positive things about the brand.


Videos are rampant in several industries – so why should fashion stay behind when it is all about visuals? You buy what you see, and if you are impressed with the visuals that have been created to entice you, you become a loyal customer and wait for more visuals, as they affect your purchasing decisions.

So, if you are running a fashion brand, you must not ignore the essence of video creation for the online platform to get more loyal customers. Of course, you need some good video editing skills, great content, consistency, and transparency to get an attractive video on track. So, start with fashion video marketing and get your brand famous among your viewers.