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150 Vegetable Puns That Are Un-Beet-Able

Welcome to the ultimate list of vegetable puns and vegetable jokes!

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If laughter is the spice of life, then vegetable puns are the seasoning that adds a burst of flavor to our daily conversations. From clever wordplay to downright hilarious twists, these puns have the power to turn a mundane moment into a hearty chuckle. Let’s embark on a journey through the veggie patch of humor and pluck out the cream of the crop.


As well as putting a smile on your face, these vegetables puns make great Instagram captions or cute message to your loved ones.

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Best Vegetable Puns


If you love all things amusing with a veggie twist, you’re in for a treat with this vegetable puns list. This list is is full of family-friendly veggie jokes and puns, enough to create an entire vegetable patch of laughter!

These vegetable puns are versatile – use them as witty photo captions, inject humor into greetings cards, or sprinkle them into your texts. Alternatively, just let these veggie jokes plant a delightful smile on your face. It’s a guaranteed recipe for a good laugh!

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From root vegetables puns to salad puns, there’s so many to choose from!

Funny Vegetable Puns

Veggie puns to make you giggle.

vegetable puns
  • I’m kind of a big dill.
  • Olive your jokes are corny.
  • It’s thyme to turnip the beet.
  • You’re radishing my patience.
  • I’ve got a squash to settle with you.
  • I’m just a little chili today.
  • This is un-beet-able.
  • I yam what I yam.
  • That’s a corny joke, but I love it.

Vegetable Puns Pick up Lines

These vegetable puns are so cheesy or is it corny? Try your luck with one of these pick-up lines.

vegetable puns
  • You’re a-peeling to me.
  • You’re such a sweet pea.
  • You’re so radishing.
  • You’re a-maize-ing.
  • I carrot live without you.
  • You’re my sweet potato.
  • You’re the radish to my salad.
  • I love you from my head to-ma-toes
  • I leek you a lot

Carrot Puns and Jokes

vegetable puns

Some carrot puns and funny jokes for giggles.

  • Don’t carrot all about what others think.
  • Which martial art are vegetables good at?  Carrotee.
  • Keep calm and carrot on
  • My kids are watching carrot-oons.
  • What’s orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot.
  • I carrot believe you said that.
  • We’re having carrot-oke night.
  • My wife gave me a 24 carrot ring.
  • What do carrots like to drink?  Root beer.
  • I don’t carrot all.
  • Carrot or leave it.
  • Why did the carrot go to the hairdressers?  Its roots were showing.
vegetable puns

Broccoli Puns and Jokes

Some broccoli puns to broc your world.

vegetable puns
  • A laughing stalk
  • Why did the broccoli go to therapy? It needed help getting to the root of its issues!
  • Broc’ n’ Roll
  • What’s your brocc-upation?
  • Why was the broccoli always invited to parties? Because it was the stalk of the town!
  • Broc on!
  • You broc my world
  • What do you get if you cross broccoli with a vampire?  Count Broccula.
  • Why is broccoli a royal vegetable?  It has crowns.
  • I feel like a broc-star.
  • For Halloween, I’m dressing up as Count Brocc-ula.
  • What did the robber broccoli say to the robber cauliflower while making their getaway?  Floret!
vegetable puns

Cauliflower Puns and Jokes

Cauliflowers puns and jokes to make you smile.

  • What’s the difference between broccoli and cauliflower?  Cauliflower is just broccoli that’s seen a ghost.
  • What type of flower shouldn’t be put in a vase?  A cauliflower.
  • What do you call a trendy cauliflower? A hip-stalk.
  • If you’ve got four cauliflowers in one hand, and six cabbages in the other hand, what do you have?  Big hands.
  • What do you call a cauliflower that’s growing at the edge of the garden?  A border cauli.
  • Why did the bee buy a phone?  To cauliflower.
vegetable puns

Tomatoe Puns and Jokes

  • I love you from my head tomatoes.
  • Here today, gone tomato.
  • How do you mend a broken tomato?  With tomato paste.
  • I planted my tomato plants too late this year. Now they’re playing ketchup
  • What did the mummy tomato say to the baby tomato when she was dawdling?  Ketchup.
  • Where do tomatoes go on a date?  The salad bar.
  • Why did the tomato turn red? It saw the salad dressing.
  • Why did the tomato blush?  Because it walked in on the salad dressing.
  • What did the tomato say to the potato? “I’ll ketchup with you later.
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Lettuce Puns and Jokes

Lettuce hear some lettuce puns.

vegetable puns
  • Lettuce turnip the beet
  • Lettuce know
  • Lettuce romaine calm and carry on.
  • Lettuce be kind to one another.
  • What’s a gardener’s favourite Beatles song?  Lettuce Be.
  • Lettuce celebrate.
  • Why should you never float a boat in the salad?  Because it might hit an iceberg.
  • What’s an astronaut’s favourite type of lettuce?  Rocket.
  • Why did the lettuce go to the gym? To get shredded

Onion Puns and Jokes

vegetable puns

These onion puns and jokes will make your eyes water.

vegetable puns
  • That’s shallot of onions
  • What do you call an onion that’s small and laughs a lot?  A tickled onion.
  • You are the spring to my onion
  • Why do onions live underground?  Because they have many lairs.
  • Our friendship goes onion on
  • What do you call an onion that jumps up and down?  A spring onion.
  • Why did the woman start crying when her boyfriend proposed?  Because he gave her an onion ring.
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Beet Puns and Jokes

Some unbeetable puns and jokes.

vegetable puns 3
  • Just beet it
  • Don’t beet around the bush
  • You make my heart beet
  • My heart skipped a beet
  • Don’t stop the beetroot
  • Why was the DJ a hit at vegetable parties? She dropped good beets
  • Don’t miss a beet
  • Stay upbeet
  • What new plant did the gardener sow? Beets me.

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Peas Puns and Jokes

More pun peas!

vegetable puns
  • Peas and quiet 
  • Make it snap-pea
  • Peas don’t go
  • Give peas a chance
  • Peas not war
  • Peas out!
  • You make me hap-pea!
  • A real peas of work
  • I know a pea that’s a famous singer.  He’s a VIP.
  • We come in peas
  • What’s a librarian’s favourite vegetable?  Quiet peas.
  • Spread hap-pea-ness
  • What do you get when two peas have a fight?  Black-eyed peas.
  • Find your peas of mind
  • I want world peas
vegetable puns

Potato Puns and Jokes

Want to hear some potato puns? Of course you spud!

  • I think, therefore I yam
  • Hello spud muffin
  • I yam so impressed
  • Taters gonna tate
  • What do you call a lazy spud?  A couch potato.
  • Best spuddies
  • You’re one hot potato. 
  • Why is it hard to get angry with a yam?  Because they’re such sweet potatoes.
  • What do you call a stolen spud?  A hot potato.
  • Thanks spud.  
vegetable puns

Kale Puns and Jokes

  • Ha ha! You kale me
  • Kale it quits
  • Dressed to kale
  • That was a close kale.
  • Kale-ing it today
  • Don’t kale my vibe.
  • His authenticity was kaled into question.
  • Kale of duty
  • What do you call a Disney movie about vegetables?  A fairy kale.
  • Why is kale never lonely? Because they come in bunches.
  • Did you hear about the carrot that outran the rabbit?  He lived to tell the kale.
vegetable puns

Mushrooms Puns and Jokes

  • I don’t need mush-room
  • That’s in spore taste
  • What did the bride say to her new husband at their wedding? I love you so mush-groom!
  • There’s so mushroom in my heart for you
  • Why do mushrooms always get invited to parties?  Because they’re such fungis.
  • What do you call a speedy fungus?  A mush-vroom.
  • How do mushrooms clean their houses?  With a mush-broom.
  • What sound does a mushroom’s car make?  Shroom, shroom.
  • I’m a really fungi
vegetable puns

Pumpkin Jokes and Puns

  • Gourd vibes only
  • Let’s get the party pumpkin
  • My gourd luck charm.
  • Let’s pumpkin spice things up
  • I’ve been pumpkin iron at the gym
  • Let’s give ’em pumpkin to talk about.
  • I’m a bit of a country pumpkin.
  • What did the queasy pumpkin say? I don’t feel so gourd. 
  • Slipped on a pumpkin. It caught me off gourd.
  • What’s a pumpkin’s favourite sport?  Squash.
  • Unless it’s pumpkin spice, I don’t give a frappe.
  • Pumpkin spice and everything nice!
cute vegetable puns

Herb Puns and Jokes

Some clever puns about herbs!

vegetable puns
  • Eat, drink and be rosemary
  • Were mint to be
  • That’s sage advice
  • Cumin and stay a while
  • Parsley the test
  • Do you need some encourage-mint?
  • Chive got a feeling.
  • I just don’t have the thyme
  • Never a dill moment
  • Did you hear about the herb who won the race? He took the thyme to train.”
  • We’re mint to be
  • Party thyme
  • Sorry it’s parsley my fault
  • You had me at aloe
  • Chive laugh love
  • Bay-leaf in yourself
  • Herb your enthusiasm
  • Party thyme!
  • Good chives only

Cute Vegetable Puns

Cute vegetables puns and more funny vegetable jokes.

vegetable puns
  • What’s the dill, pickle?
  • Olive your puns are incredible.
  • I’m in a pickle of emotions.
  • You’re mint to be my friend.
  • As salad as rock
  • This situation is turning-ip for the best.
  • This is a real pickle-le.
  • That’s a celery-usly good joke.
  • I’m not a fan of pea-brained ideas.
  • You’re as cool as a cucumber.
  • Lettuce be friends forever.
  • I’m jalapeño business.
  • You’ve got some squash goals.
  • I’m arti-choke full of puns.
  • I’m sorry if my puns are corn-fusing.
  • Let’s turnip the beet together.
  • That’s a kernel of wisdom.
  • You’re radishing the bar too high.
vegetable puns

Hilarious Vegetable Puns

  • Lettuce turnip the music.
  • I’m beet-ing for joy.
  • Which type of vegetable always gets jealous?  A green bean.
  • Lettuce romaine friends forever.
  • I’m just vine, thanks.
  • How did the farmer fix his jeans? – With a cabbage patch!
  • Lettuce be thankful.
  • What’s the quickest vegetable?  A runner bean.
  • I’m squash-ing the competition.
  • Why shouldn’t you tell secrets in a vegetable garden?  Because the corn have ears, the potatoes have eyes, and the beans-talk.
  • Lettuce make memories.
  • I’m having a radishing day.
  • What’s a corn farmer’s favorite animal? The unicorn.
  • Lettuce romaine positive.
  • Please put your rubbish in the bean
  • I’m sorry if my puns are a bit corny.
  • You’re the cream of the crop.
  • I’m jalapeño business with you.
  • Why did the vegetable turn down teh new role? because it had a lower celery
  • What does a nosey pepper do? – Gets jalapeno business!
  • What did the ear of corn say when its crush complimented it? “Aww, shucks!”

So there are the best vegetable puns, whether you want to use them in everyday conversations or want to use them next time you post on your Instagram account, there is a vegetable pun for everyone.

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