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3 Most Popular Award-Winning Digital Artist That Redefines Art in Malaysia

Art has always been a part that changes with each era in that specific culture. Malaysia is no exception with its vast variety of races and cultures like Malay, Chinese and Indian. But since the introduction of the digital era, artists have been creating their artworks online and posting them throughout the world, and even creating visuals for sites like 7Slots. Here are three digital artists in Malaysia who have changed the digital art landscape. It could give more insight into how consumers and people in Malaysia perceive art and choose their preferences in games and products.

Shaifuddin Mamat (Poodien)

With extensive experience in fine arts, Poodien, a contemporary artist, transitioned to the digital medium, crafting pieces that reflect the evolution of language and image-making in the modern era. His digital creations, akin to his fine art endeavors, delve into themes like representation, originality, reproducible reality, symbolic meaning, and socio-political issues. Notably, his work “Long Live Food,” initially commissioned by Publika, garnered recognition through local and Singaporean exhibitions. “The Great Hyperreality” further explores the intersection of symbolism and reality.

Poodien pursued his Diploma in Fine Arts at Universiti Teknologi Mara Sri Iskandar, Perak, Malaysia. His artistic journey has led to exhibitions across Asia, including the Kuala Lumpur 7th Triennale at MAP@Publika in 2013 and the Buka Jalan International Performance Art Festival at the National Visual Arts Gallery of Malaysia in 2011. In recognition of his talent, he received the Malaysian Emerging Artist (MEA) Award in 2009.

His recent 2 artworks are at an auction online named “Long Live Death: Zero Point (Biting The Hand That Feed)”. It depicts the nature of betrayal and forgiveness that bites the hand that helped you. It is a view from Shaifuddin that shows society itself has become more isolated and stopped helping each other in times of need.

Tang Yau Hoong

He was born and based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tan Yau Hoong is a self-taught illustrator who focuses on playing with negative space and subliminal messages in his artwork. Most of his artwork is purely conceptual and minimalist design to capture the emptiness of society, cities and other topics.

From what we observe from Tang Yau Hoong’s art, it usually depicts human elements and the distortion of reality and space. He has also done advertising projects for his clients like Nike, TED and various foreign publications, including Harvard Business Review and The Observer.

He has not been the award-winning artist that we are looking for. However, during his breaks from commercial endeavors, he finds solace in crafting art and fully engages in personal projects. These undertakings are dedicated to crafting images that encourage individuals to perceive the world from a unique standpoint.

He is definitely one of the best digital artists in Malaysia to collaborate with if brands get a chance and are willing to work in a negative space. If you are a huge fan of negative space, be sure to check out his Instagram or website for more of his artworks that could resonate with you.

Charis Loke

Charis Loke, based in Malaysia, has been illustrating books, maps and other artworks throughout her artist career. She is professional in worldbuilding, Visual language and LGBT characters in all her works. From a different beginning, she graduated from Brown with a ScB in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, she has successfully changed her direction to her passion, which is creative art.

With these huge changes, the path that Charis Loke took is different from what she envisioned a few years ago. She started at Arts-ED Penang, where she drew arts and heritage projects for youth and created tabletop games for urban architecture and walking.

Among her clientele are notable names such as Esquire Malaysia, MidValley City Sdn Bhd, Magicbird Publishing, BorderPass Inc., and the Brown University Science Center. In 2015, she secured victory in the Doodict Collisions live-doodling competition at Publika during CAFKL. Her acclaimed ‘Scientraits’ series recently earned a Merit Award at the 3×3 International Illustration Show. So, she is a digital artist who is also worth looking out for.

Final Thoughts

These are three different stories and backgrounds of each digital artist who came from Malaysia. For some people, modern digital art might seem not as valuable as physical. However, experts in the art area always route for technological implementations, because artworks always represent the development of each timeframe. And creating digitalized is one of the modern approaches that will definitely be noticed in the history of modern culture and art.

There is more potential for Malaysian artwork to be shown internationally to the world. And they have also inspired countless young artists to pursue their dreams in the digital artist industry.