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7 Tips To Help You Take Care Of Valuable Eyeglasses

Most eyeglasses are not only expensive, but they are also an essential part of your daily life. Your glasses provide you with a clear view of the world and allow you to perform your everyday activities. Consequently, your vision is something you can’t take for granted, and you should treat your specs with the respect they deserve. This post will explore seven tips you can use to keep your windows to the world looking and feeling as new as the day you bought them.

Replace The Lenses With More Durable Ones

Although you could argue that every part of your glasses is of equal importance, your lenses are the part that actually provides you with the ability to see correctly. In fact, depending on your optician and the brand of the frame, your lenses are often the costliest aspect of your spectacles. So what can you do to keep them safe, or at least have a backup if they scratch or break? Well, the most apparent answer is to purchase a spare pair of lenses. However, there are some caveats with this point, including the fact that any spare lens should provide clear vision and be made of safe and robust materials. Moreover, the lenses must match the shape of your existing frames to ensure a proper fit. While this may sound obvious, you’d be surprised at how tight the tolerances are. If you are wondering how to replace broken lenses, you should wait until the penultimate point on this list discusses repair kits.

Always Use A Microfiber Cloth To Clean Them (At The Very Least, Don’t Use Your Shirt!)

OK, who here has committed the cardinal sin of breathing on your lenses and wiping them clean with your shirt? Hands up, don’t be shy because the answer is, of course, everyone! Moreover, almost everyone knows that this is terrible for your lenses and frames (because of the strain involved), but they still do it. However, you should try to nix this habit if you want your glasses to remain in tip-top condition. Instead, the recommended method is using a microfiber cloth and proper glass cleaning fluid (more on that later) fit for the job. Microfiber cloths are made up of tiny strands of polyester and polyamide, which are woven together to form a soft, absorbent material and are ideal for getting your lenses crystal clear sans the scratches.

Invest In A Durable Aftermarket Case

When you buy glasses, you will most likely receive some kind of case to place your specs in when not in use. However, depending on the optician and brand (are you seeing a pattern here yet), this case will probably be made of cheap materials or, worse, be a basic cloth pouch. If the latter is the case, you should make it your mission to invest in an aftermarket case that can protect your eyeglasses from the hazards of your bag or purse. This does not have to be a costly endeavor, and you can find very affordable and stylish options when shopping online. Additionally, if you want to go a step further, you can always get a few cases for different uses, such as keeping one by your bedside, in your bag, or on your work desk, etc. Then you’ll always have one available when you need it.

Once In A While, Give Them A Thorough Wash

When thinking about cleaning spectacles, most people envision wiping the lenses free of fingerprints and grime. However, while this is an admirable and necessary task, your frames deserve love too. Therefore, you should take some time to thoroughly clean every part of your eyewear with warm, soapy water. Once washed, you should leave them to air dry and then wipe them with your microfiber cloth.

Handle Them With Care

You might think this point is stating the obvious, but you’d be shocked at how flippantly most people treat their specs. Instead, you should take care when you put them on and take them off by holding them at the temple areas where they are strongest. 

Purchase A Glasses Repair Kit (It’s Well Worth The Small Investment)

It’s incredible how many folks who have glasses don’t have a basic repair kit. Don’t be like these people and buy yourself a pocket repair kit from Amazon or your local optician so that you can make basic repairs when required. Moreover, if you follow the first step in this post, you need one to change your lenses. These sets are cheap, highly valuable, and can save you a lot of hassle when the inevitable happens.

Keep Your Lenses Away From Acetone

It seems like acetone is an excellent cleaning solvent, but not for your glasses! Acetone will strip away the protective layer and make them more prone to damage over time. Instead, you should use the correct lens cleaning fluid found at almost all supermarkets.

To ensure your eyeglasses receive the care they deserve, it’s essential to follow these tips. Remember, if you ever need professional assistance, you can visit your local optical shop, such as Visio Optical, for expert advice and support in maintaining your valuable eyewear.

Your spectacles deserve more respect, regardless of how much you paid for them. They enable you to see the world in detail and allow you to live a normal life. Following the points in this post, you should be better prepared to give them the attention they require to keep looking after you for years.