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A Guide To Complete Skincare For A Natural Glow

When you are young, a natural glow is effortless. You do not even stop to think about it. As we all inevitably age having brighter and youthful-looking skin becomes a daily preoccupation. There are several techniques you can use to restore your skin’s natural glow. Here are three of the best.

Restore Your Natural Skin Tone With Obagi C

Over time our natural skin tone and appearance can be changed by a number of factors. Environment, diet, sun damage, and physical health can all change our skin’s natural pigmentation. This can result in patchy and uneven-looking skin. This makes the skin look older, or even dirty, in spite of continuous and careful skincare.

To deal with the problem you need advanced skincare treatments like the Obagi C System at City Skin Clinic. Their skincare experts can help you to reduce hyperpigmentation and diminish dark spots or melasma. The Obagi C System uses Vitamin C and arbutin to rejuvenate the skin and enhance its natural brightness and pigmentation. This gives the skin a fresh appearance with a natural glow. 

Try Deep Exfoliation For A Complete Cleanse

Cleansing and exfoliating the skin as part of your regular regimen is a must. Without these steps dirt, dead skin and contaminants will build up in the pores of the skin, which can cause spots and acne. Most exfoliation products are great for daily use or multiple times a week, but they cannot get deep down into the pores to completely cleanse and exfoliate the face.

Use a deep cleansing exfoliating product as part of a bi-monthly or monthly skincare regimen focused on exfoliation. Remember to moisturise after exfoliation and cleansing, and after a deep exfoliation, you will need to add extra moisture to replace the dirt and grease that has been removed from the skin. Cleansers and exfoliators have a drying effect on the skin, and you may need to apply and then reapply your chosen moisturiser.

Use A Serum To Boost Your Natural Glow

Face brightening serums are a great way to give your natural glow a regular boost. Face serums are lightweight on the skin and can be absorbed by the deeper layers of the skin. They provide a reservoir of nutrients for your skin to draw upon. These are perfect for using after a deep exfoliator too, combining a serum with a moisturiser to replenish and rejuvenate your skin after a deep cleanse.

Serums with Vitamin C help to rejuvenate the skin naturally. When absorbed, Vitamin C promotes the skin to produce collagen and elastin. This renews the skin, healing it naturally and making it tighter and reducing fine lines and wrinkles leaving it looking smoother and brighter. The best glow is a natural glow, and Vitamin C is a crucial ingredient for the skin’s natural rejuvenation and renewing a healthy glow.

Reducing hyperpigmentation, deep cleansing, and replenishing your skin’s natural resources, are the three best routes to a bright and natural glow. As skin ages, we need to adapt our skincare routines to compensate. If you want to recover your skin’s natural brightness, try one of these top techniques.