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  Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles to Dress Yourself

Whether you are a friend of the bride or the groom or simply a guest on the wedding list,if you are a female it is essential to have a perfect hairstyle to make the ultimate fashion statement and make your day at the ceremony an epic success.

If you are looking for an easy DIY wedding guest hairstyle,here is a curated list of some of the best to dress yourself, keeping in mind all hair types and lengths. Just remember to use a strong hold hairspray to keep your hair frizz free during the entire long event.

Half up-Half down

If you have long hair,this is the easiest wedding guest hairstyle which just requires minimal enhancement. The brushed out waves on the long hair will stand on their own,while a simple gathering will add to the convenience.

Hairstyles with headband 

This is a quick and lovely wedding guest hairstyle that is fast and easy to achieve by just adding on a headband or scarf to a simple braided accenture. This style delivers a statement and provides a sleek feminine feel. Best for women with long hair for an instant glamorous look.

Diamond shaped hairstyles

If you have a diamond shaped face,then opt for simple wedding hairstyles like open hair cuts, sloppy braids etc. Create side height to balance the jawline and highlight the cheekbones. Make sure you keep your hair short and close to the face.

A bevy of braids

Braids give a nice and chic look which is necessary for the night long drama of celebration and dancing. Apart from being trendy and a statement updo for wedding guests,be careful while you shake your head on the dance floor.

Sleek ponytail

One of the best wedding guest hairstyles is the ultra sleek ponytail look that looks chic and regal at any wedding. For that extra glam appearance,pair this hairstyle with some statement earrings and maybe some dramatic eyeliner.

High pompadour

To add a sprinkle of essential drama at any wedding event a high pompadour is a sure bet to invite encouraging looks. To get this style perfectly right,begin with unwashed hair,as it holds the style better, and then tease the back section of the scalp for maximum volume.

Twisted bun

This type of wedding guest hairstyle adds oodles of charm to the hair and in addition gives a sophisticated look,no matter which wedding event you are attending. All you need to do is to turn the small strands of hair and wrap these strands around the base, while gently securing each strand with a bobby pin.

Curled ends

If you don’t wish to straighten your tresses into a sheath of needle straight locks,there is the curly end option available at the end of your locks. Slightly curve your ends inwards for an aesthetic and glamorous look. To add more volume throughout the strands,keep the entire look soft and demure instead of extra sleek.