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Housewarming Gift Ideas

Moving house is a stressful but exciting time. It can also be a significant milestone, whether it’s moving out of your parents’ home for the first time, moving in with a partner, buying your first home or finally getting the keys to your forever home. No matter what the reason for the move, it’s always a big deal and worth celebrating. If you know someone who’s moved recently or is about to, here are some ideas for housewarming gifts that will show how much you care.

When to Give a Housewarming Gift?

Housewarming gifts are traditionally given the first time that you visit a person’s new home. Whether you’re making a casual drop-by visit a few days after they’ve moved in or you’re invited to a formal housewarming party three months down the line, it’s etiquette to take some kind of gift to celebrate their new home. There’s no set timeline but ideally, you should give your housewarming present within six months of the move-in date so that it still feels relevant.

It’s important to remember that housewarming gifts can be given to anyone who’s recently moved, no matter what the circumstances. It isn’t only newlyweds or first-time homebuyers who deserve a gift to celebrate their new digs – anyone who finds themselves in a new home will appreciate a token of your support and good wishes so don’t forget friends who may be renting, relocating or downsizing too.

Even if the circumstances surrounding the move are difficult – for example, a couple who are separating, that doesn’t mean you can’t gently celebrate your friend or loved one’s new place as this lets them know you’re thinking of them and can help them feel positive about the future in their new home.

What Should You Give As a Housewarming Present?

What you give as a housewarming present will depend on the person you’re gifting it to and their circumstances. Someone moving into their very first place, for example, will probably appreciate practical gifts like kitchen essentials and bedding, whereas a family moving into their forever home will likely already have everything they need so you’ll need to be a little bit more creative about your housewarming gift.

Home decor is a good idea if you know their tastes, so a framed print for their wall, a welcome doormat or a glass table lamp could be a good choice. If you’re not sure about their tastes or what kind of decor they’d appreciate, then something more neutral such as a scented candle, reed diffuser or houseplant might be a better option. Chinese Money Plants are a popular choice of housewarming gift, as not only are they relatively easy to care for but they also have special meaning and are thought to bring wealth and good fortune to their owner.

Other traditional housewarming gifts you could give include a food and drinks hamper stocked with all their favourites or luxury items they wouldn’t think to buy for themselves or fresh flowers and a vase to brighten their new place up while they get all their boxes unpacked.