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7 Foods that Attract Pests to your Home

Pests, like humans, need food to survive. And since they can’t work like us, they’ll invade your home to steal their daily bread. However, this is only possible if you store your foods carelessly or let spills linger.

Pests aren’t attracted to all edibles. So if you want to make your home less attractive to them, you’ll need to figure out the foods they are attracted to and ensure you store them properly, like money stashed in a safe deposit box.

Here are 7 foods that make your home irresistible to pests.

1.   Peanut butter

Peanut butter is an excellent addition to your morning toast. However, it remains one of the pest’s favorites. 

Cockroaches and rodents will go the extra mile to taste your peanut butter, especially those spilled on the countertop or floor or stored carelessly.

If you are experiencing a pest infestation, check your peanut butter; it might be attracting pesky cockroaches and agile rodents who enjoy its high fat and protein content.

2.      Cereals

Cereals are an everyday breakfast staple. However, this meal can turn from a delicious breakfast to a pest attractant. To prevent this, we would advise that you store your cereals properly.

Grain beetles are often interested in cereals, and they’ll be glad to feast on them and even reproduce if you allow them to.

In addition to grain beetles, you should also keep an eye out for flour beetles—they are attracted to flour and would be happy to make a home in an unsealed packet of flour. 

3.   Fruits and vegetables

Fruit flies are attracted to fruits, especially fresh varieties and vegetables. Their powerful nose makes it possible for them to smell fruits and vegetables from long distances. Be wary of fruit flies as they can lay 500 eggs during their 8-15 days life cycle. Store fresh fruits appropriately to discourage fruit flies from invading your home.

4.      Bread

Want to attract rats to your home? Store your bread carelessly and watch these pests find their way into your home.

Bread is one of the rats’ favorite meals. They’ll leave bite marks on your loaf of bread, thus contaminating it. Plus, they can litter your home with bread crumbs, making cleaning more stressful.

If rodents, roaches, or other pests are giving you a hard time in your home, and you have tried all possible DIY means to get rid of them, we recommend calling in the professionals: pest control services. To get one around you, simply Google the keyword “pest control services near me” and select from your choice. 

Pest control companies have the manpower, skills, knowledge, and tools to rid your home of pests. They can also offer you valuable advice where required.

5.      Sugary treats

This one is a no-brainer! Pests like ants are suckers for sugary treats. Spill a can of coke on your countertop or the floor of your home and watch a colony of ants invade your home. In addition to sugary drinks, ants love cookies, cupcakes, and candies—anything containing sugar will attract this pest.

6.      Alcohol

Do you love alcohol? If you do, you aren’t alone! Pests like fruit flies, wasps, and beetles love alcohol as well. While it’s hard to say if they get drunk, they sure like to take some sips, and we bet they enjoy it like you.

To reduce the chances of pest infestation from the alcohol in your home, ensure you replace the cork after pulling it out. Plus, clean up any spills immediately after they happen.

7.      Lemons

Lemons may appear like one of those fruits that typical insects distaste; however, that is not the case, at least not for the bees. 

You see, lemons release a pheromone-like odor that bees use to attract their counterparts. This means by having a slice of lemon in your drink or leaving some loose lemons in your fruit bowl; you are likely to attract bees to your home.

Foods that repel pests:

Bread, lemons, sugary treats, fruits, and vegetables attract all sorts of pests. But do you know the good news?

There are some foods that repel these pests. So, if you expose these foods to some pests in your home, they’ll scamper like an individual running from a fierce tornado. Here are some examples of the foods:

  • Orange peels
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Garlic
  • Low-sodium foods like cucumber and watermelon
  • Basil
  • Onions
  • Oil
  • Vanilla


Pests need food to survive, and that’s why they’ll invade your home. If you store the foods above appropriately, you’ll make pests seek their daily bread from elsewhere. Don’t hesitate to contact pest control when needed.