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Hair Growth & How It Affects Different People

A lot of people are super proud of their hair, and the prospect of losing it can be terrifying. However, there are solutions out there like getting the best hair transplant in Turkey or having tailored hair pieces made for you. Hair growth is vital for the health of your hair, but it’s actually different in different people. So, keep reading and let’s look at how hair growth affects different people. 


We all know that the older we get, the less hair we have. But in fact, getting older does also mean slower hair growth. The strands of your hair become smaller, and they’ll also be way less pigmented too, thus the greying of hair. Typically, most mean are bald by the age of 60 which is due to hair loss and the rate of growth slowing down. Hairs have a life span of 2 to 7 years, so if the growth rate slows down, the hairs that fall out won’t be replaced as quickly. This then leads to hair loss as you age. Your hair does actually grow faster when you’re aged between 15 and 30, so don’t be surprised when it slows down as you get older. 


Your health plays a big role in how your hair grows, and it’s pretty set in stone that being unhealthy causes reduced growth. You need to have good nutrition in order to ensure your hair grows at the rate it should. Poor diets will mean that your body isn’t getting the vitamins and minerals it needs to produce healthy hairs. You need to be eating things like leafy green vegetables, nuts, and even fish to ensure you’re getting the vitamins your hair needs. With a healthy diet, you can ensure that your hair is growing at the optimal rate and will be able to replace the hairs when they’re lost. So, make sure that you’re taking good care of your body, and your hair will be able to grow at the rate it should. 


Your sex can actually have an impact on how your hair grows. For example, male hair grows much faster than female, but it does also fall out before female hair. As mentioned above, men tend to start losing their hair by the age of 30 and can be bald by 60. Whereas with women, this happens a lot later in life. So, don’t be shocked if you notice that your husbands hair grows quicker than yours! It’s due to the hormone called testosterone, as males will have higher rates of it than females. So, it’s actually genetic as to why men’s hair grows faster than women’s!

Hair growth is something that we all want, as when it fails, you soon notice the difference. Whether you’re waiting for your short hair cut to grow out or perhaps you new hair transplant, the healthier you are, the faster it will grow. Your sex and age will also affect how fast your hair grows too, which are both things you can’t control. But as you can control your diet, you should make sure that it’s full of the right nutrition for your hair and it’ll hopefully grow better than ever before.