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How to Style Your Organza Saree for a Wedding Function?

Organza sarees are the latest trend in Indian wedding fashion and are perfect to wear on special occasions. They are extremely comfortable, light, and airy, yet elegant. You can pair them with different types of blouses depending on your choice and the occasion you are attending. Here are some tips that will help you style your organza saree for a wedding function.

Wear organza sarees with the most glamorous accessories

Organza sarees are the most glamorous and elegant attire to make you look more gorgeous and graceful. When you wear a saree, it is necessary to choose the right accessories to go with the outfit. Accessories play a very important role in making your appearance look more stylish and elegant. Without proper accessories, your appearance would not be complete.

A wide variety of options are available for choosing the right jewelry for yourself, depending on your budget and taste. Still, one thing will always remain a must-have for any saree: chokers or necklaces! 

There are many types of chokers available in the market, which range from gold-plated chain chokers to ethnic ones made up of beads in different colors like browns or blacks etc.; these are perfect if you do not want to spend much on designing something new yourself but still have some creativity left within you!

Another accessory that works best with this type of saree would be bangles because they complement each other perfectly! When discussing wedding functions, color coordination between these two should always be kept in mind while choosing them. Try pairing them together only if they match perfectly; otherwise, it might look bad in camera shots.

Wear organza sarees in pastel shades and style them with a silk blouse

Wear an organza saree in pastel shades to achieve a soft look, and style it with a silk blouse. Silk blouses are a great way to dress up any outfit, so you can wear the blouse with your saree to loom more elegant. 

Give your saree a modern twist by wearing it with a jacket blouse

You can give your organza sarees a modern twist by wearing them with a jacket blouse. You can match the color of the blouse with the saree or wear a jacket blouse with a saree. To wear a jacket blouse with organza sarees, choose one that is light in weight and flows well.

Try a contrasting-colored blouse 

You can also wear your favorite organza sarees with a contrasting-colored blouse or one in the same tone as your saree for that harmonious look.

Try wearing a white, yellow, or blue colored blouse with orange or pink-toned organza sarees, and make sure to add a bit of color to compliment the outfit. For example, if you are wearing an orange tone saree, you should go for a blue colored blouse or vice versa.

Wearing your saree with an ethereal embroidered border

You can also give your outfit an offbeat look by opting for an ethereal embroidered border. Try pairing your organza saree with a contrasting border in a color that complements the one on your saree. The contrast between these two will make for a striking effect.

There are several ways in which you can wear this combination. Wear a matching blouse and get it stitched with similar detailing to your saree’s blouse. This will add to the overall effect of your outfit while keeping things understated and elegant.


Organza sarees are the new design trend and are perfect to wear on special occasions! This is because the organza saree is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to carry and style. The saree is a traditional Indian attire that needs to be styled to look beautiful. You can choose to go for a half-sleeve blouse or a sleeveless blouse as per your comfort level. Organza sarees can be worn on any occasion, including parties or weddings.